Completed the game “Deliver us the moon”

Hello! Today I had a great day, which was distinguished by the fact that I finally completed the game “Deliver us the moon“.

The game is interesting, I liked it with a good plot and interesting riddles. Briefly about the plot: you go to the Moon because an energy crisis has occurred on Earth, and a substance was found on the Moon, which they began to mine and send to Earth via microwave transmissions in order to contain this crisis.

The problem is that energy has not been sent to Earth for five years now, since all the personnel were evacuated. You need to get to the Moon and make sure that the energy is sent back to Earth. That’s the whole plot.

By the way, important information: since I am just starting to learn Spanish and English, I will have to use Google Translator, and it can translate very clumsily.

Best wishes!