Briefly about today

Hi all! Today I finally got around to my laptop. Yes, I’m writing from a laptop today! (before this I wrote on the phone) Something like this… Oh well, it’s not very important.

More importantly, what my friends and I built at school outpost made of snow, but someone broke it while everyone was in class. but when we returned we decided to make it even bigger and stronger. It really seems to me that tomorrow our outpost will not be in place. I also have a breakdancing performance tomorrow. (Video too) Wish me luck! By the way, today I looked at Plato’s philosophy, it turns out that he believed that there are two worlds, one is the world of ideas, and the second is material. What nonsense! And there was also mataniz. With the help of mathematical analysis, you can understand how people came up with the idea that the area of a circle is Pr cubed. Till tomorrow.

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