Friday with a focus on psychology

Hi all! Today was a great day. I did well at school, and after the 8th lesson I went to break dance.

I had a good workout there, although I slightly knocked off my rib. When I came home, I realized that I was very tired this week. I also need to make several 3D models (in Tinkercad) and then print them. Plus, no one canceled household responsibilities, here’s a list by the way:
Taking out the trash;
Disassemble the dishwasher;
Vacuum floors;
Clean up a room;
Unpack bags;
Any help for parents.
Do you think this is too much?
I remembered! I have to tell you what new things I learned today. I watched an educational video on practical psychology. (The video was created by a former intelligence officer). The main tricks are: creating dependence, (from the secret service) incitement, isolation and manipulation of information. That’s basically all for today. Till tomorrow!

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